Throwback Thursday: Annabelle’s 6 Month Update

Annabelle 6 Months

Long before I had a blog, I used to take these monthly pictures of Annabelle and upload them to Facebook. Some of you may have seen them before but a lot of you probably won’t know is that I kept a diary of sorts for her too. I used to write once a month but silly me, I never really kept a log of the important milestones. When my dad passed away, I stopped writing regularly as I really wasn’t really in a good head space (but I think I may try to recreate one for her using triggers from what is currently happening with Heath).

Anyway, as Heath is six months old today and it is also a Thursday, I thought I would share with you Annabelle’s photo and my journal entry. I hope you like it.

‘My dear Annabelle,

My sweet little girl. I can’t believe we have reached your first age milestone. Six months! Six whole months.

You really are such a delight. Everyone loves you. And I mean everyone. Our family, our friends, even total strangers! You just radiate happiness with your beautiful face and your infectious smile. Every where we go, people stop us to adore you, to compliment you or to just say hello (it can be quite annoying when I try to go shopping! I can’t get in and out of a shop without having to talk to a shop assistant and some shoppers too!).

You have so many friends! You are happy to be around everyone and we really have such a wonderful time together, going to baby groups, on play dates and to the park. You interact with people of all generations and have a beaming smile for everyone we meet.

You’re still a pickle with your eating habits. This is my biggest stress. You aren’t too fussed with your milk or purees (unless it is pear or apple, then I can’t feed it to you fast enough!). Your weight is still much lower than we would like but it doesn’t hinder you in anyway. You’re sitting up like a pro and chatting away like you’re having a conversation with us.

I can’t believe how much hair you have and how fast it’s growing. It’s so fine and quite straight like your daddy’s but darker like mine was when I was a little girl. You’re really starting to look like a little girl. Obviously I’m biased when I say you’re the most beautiful little girl in the world but I think a LOT of other people would agree too! 🙂

At six months old:

  • You absolutely love music especially song time at playgroups
  • Your favourite snack is fresh blueberries, which I quarter for you
  • You love watching Baby Jake given the chance
  • You also love listening to Britney Spears and Call Me Maybe
  • Your favourite toys are Mr Far He He (a giraffe rattle), lamb and monkey

I love you very much my little princess. You are the sweetest most perfect little girl.

Lots of love from,

Mummy xxx’

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Heath’s six month update which should be live in a few days. Bx

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Annabelle’s 6 Month Update

  1. What a sweet diary entry for Annabelle. A bit of ups and a bit of downs, that’s how life is, very cute. It’s amusing she likes Britney Spears (then when she was six months…don’t know about now but you might now…), and I hope it’s classic Britney 😀 Good to hear that she likes monkeys. I’m a big fan of monkeys so if she comes round to my place, she will have plenty of stuffed monkey toys to play with 🙂

    Sounds like she’s growing up very, very fast. Before you know it, it will be her next birthday! Looking forward to seeing more of Annabelle and Heath soon on you blog, if not on Instagram ❤

    1. She doesn’t mind it too much now but yes, it is classic Britney. Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again! She loves Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen now. We listen to it almost every day.
      Yes, I bet she will definitely love to play with the toy monkeys at your place. We have quite a few too and even Heath loves his stripy monkey as well. I remember when Annabelle was little, she used to see a monkey in an advert on the television and say ‘Daddy!’ every time!

      1. So cute of Annabelle to see her Daddy as a monkey! She is quite the animal lover. Last year I bought a monkey from Craftholic (the UK has more variety though). It’s so cuddly!

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