Pregnancy Update: 28 and 29 weeks

I went to see my Midwife on Monday this week and I was 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant so I’ve had to combine my posts for 28 and 29 weeks. Sorry!

29 Weeks

29 Weeks Bump

29 Weeks Front

I am: 29 weeks pregnant.
I’m wearing: A Mothercare maternity T-shirt which I bought in my last pregnancy and a Mamas and Papas maternity denim skirt. My friend gave me this skirt with lots of other tops and trousers. It has an adjustable waist as well as an elasticated waistband.
I weighed: 137lbs/62kg
I’ve gained: I haven’t gained weight since last week. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve gained 18lbs/8kg and my Midwife says I’m only advised to gain another 1kg in my last 10-11 weeks.
How I’m feeling: In line with my Midwife’s advice, I’ve been trying to increase my level of gentle exercise, my intake of water and vitamins. My husband got a Fitbit for his birthday and after seeing him use it for many months, I thought I would get one too in order to increase my activity throughout the day. I’ve been adding an estimate of my daily calorie intake to the Fitbit app. It isn’t completely accurate as much of the food database is suitable for America so I’ve been adding data from My Fitness Pal. I’m not hugely concerned with my calories as I’m fairly happy with my diet. I just need to cut down on sugary treats, for example chocolates and cakes.
Highlight: It has been a busy week! We went out for my mum’s birthday with my cousins and my aunt, which was a lot of fun. It’s probably going to be the last time I see many of them until after the baby is born 😦
The baby is: approx 38cm long, all curled up in my tummy! Looking at Annabelle now, it’s so hard to remember her being so small. They really grow so fast.
Food cravings: Nothing specific this week. I always want to snack. I’m trying to have healthier snacks where possible but sometimes those salted pistachios and M&Ms just stare at me!! I’ve started having a soya milk latte for breakfast with my porridge to reduce the amount of cow’s milk I’m consuming.
Symptoms: My dreams are very vivid and causing a lot of restlessness during the night. My Fitbit also monitors this and it shows quite a lot of broken sleep. I’m getting up to 8 hours on average.
My body: Still fighting the urge to buy more maternity clothes. My last pregnancy wardrobe was filled with a lot of workwear and I got a lot use out of it even after Annabelle was born so they look quite tired now.
Any mood swings? Not so much.
I’m looking forward to: Just one more week of travelling. Over the past three weeks I have been to Devon, Cornwall, Derby and London so I’m glad this is the last of the car journeys til the Christmas holidays!

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