Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

Hello lovelies, this is how I was looking and feeling at 25 weeks!

25 Weeks Pregnant

I’m loving this pink shade of MAC lipstick at the moment. Do you like it?

25 Weeks Side

25 Weeks Front

I am: at the end of week 25
I weighed: 134lbs/61kg
I’ve gained: I have gained 2lbs since last week. I hadn’t gained weight in three weeks but the midwife said it was probably just the warm weather and me being quite active.
I’m wearing: A maternity vest from ASOS. It was £5 in the sale, bargain! I’m also wearing the same Warehouse shorts as last week cos it has been so warm and I’ve not bought any maternity shorts just yet. Hopefully, I won’t have to.
How I’m feeling: Proud of myself this week as I looked after Annabelle on my own for around eight days. I normally have Andy or my mum around so I never really go longer than two or three days without someone to help out but I found that there were no hiccups and that time flew by. I think Annabelle was a bit of a superstar to be honest. She was so well behaved and the only issues I had were her repeatedly waking up in the night from 3 – 6.30am and her fussy eating. I think the heat played a major part in both of these ‘issues’ and they weren’t very bad or disruptive so I’m not so keen on calling them issues.
Highlight: Not having Andy or my mum around has meant spending more one-on-one time with Annabelle and seeing more of our friends. This has been a highlight of the week as we bonded a lot more and become closer, if that’s even possible!
The baby is: The size of a rutabaga, which I have learned is a Swedish turnip! They must be quite big as last week I read that baby was 30cm. Anyway, it is gaining fat so its skin is smoothing out. How exciting. Midwife says it is exactly the right size and I was measuring 25cm at my 25 week midwife appointment. Otherwise it is pretty much the same in terms of wrigglesomeness.
Food cravings: It has been a healthier week for cravings – no junk food. I have enjoyed ham, bread, potato salad and apples. I do have a sweet tooth and bought Creme Brulee and Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches but the latter wasn’t as nice and a bit salty. Yuck!
Symptoms: I’m still suffering from dry skin and rubbing a lot of Body Shop Coconut moisturiser into my belly as well as Bio Oil around my belly button as I have some faint silvery stretch marks there.
My body: Nothing much to report here. Everything seems to be ticking on regularly so I won’t grumble.
Any mood swings? All is good here too. Yippee!!
I’m looking forward to: Seeing Andy, my mum and spending some quality family time in Devon.

Thank you for reading my pregnancy update and the lovely comments in my previous pregnancy posts. They make my day. Bx

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