Lush Anniversary Gifts

My cousin’s partner works for Lush and they bought Andy and I an amazing Gift Set for our Wedding Anniversary. I was obviously delighted as I’m a big fan of Lush. My three products to use all year round are the: I Love Juicy shampoo, American Cream hair conditioner and Grass body wash.

Lush Gift Box

Stephen chose six products for us.

Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt This is a face and body scrub with lime and avocado butter. I have never used salts on my face or body before and I was a bit worried that it might be abrasive. I was pleasantly surprised. It just melted into my face and was really silky. I definitely needed to moisturise after so I couldn’t use it if I was in a rush and needed to wash and go but I suspect that is down to my overly dry pregnancy skin rather than the product. If there is any of it left by November then I’ll let you know.

Rub Rub Rub

Similar to the Ocean Salt, Rub Rub Rub is also an exfoliant but has more of a liquid texture in comparison. It is a shower scrub for your body and hair. This is quite a novel idea as I don’t connect scrubs to hair. It left my tresses smelling ‘beachy’ and soft, perfect for the summer and evoking memories of warm tropical holidays. Also pictured is the Bohemian lemon scented soap bar. I’m not normally a fan of zesty scents as I prefer vanilla and sweeter musks but I really love the freshness of this soap and also in I Love Juicy too. Lush must know how to get the zingy balance right for me 🙂

Happy Hippy

Happy Hippy and Dirty Springwash bodywashes. The first of these two shower gels smells a lot like the I Love Juicy shampoo but has a slightly more subtle scent and contains grapefruit for a bit of zing. It is the perfect size for taking to the Gym, if I let Andy use it, swimming pool (in my case) or on holiday. The second body wash has a gorgeously minty aroma but it doesn’t leave you smelling like you work in a spearmint chewing gum factory! I must admit that I prefer the scent after the product has been washed off rather than when I’m using it.

Lush Whoosh

Last but not least is Whoosh, a shower jelly. Again, a daily product in novelty form. A sense awakening fragrance with zesty lemons and limes but also a hint of rosemary to prevent it being overpowering. Fun to use and leaves the skin feeling super soft.

Do you like using Lush products? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below. Bx

8 thoughts on “Lush Anniversary Gifts

  1. I really want to try their tea tree toner spray.. I keep meaning to go into Lush and then forget!


    1. Yes, that sounds familiar – I always forget what I’m doing, often as I am doing it!

      The tea tree toner sounds interesting. Let me know what it’s like if you get the chance to check it out. xx

  2. The Shower Jelly sounds interesting, and it has an interesting name. Whoosh 😀 I’ve always thought that Lush had good marketing and that’s why their products look so good, and that their soaps and bath bombs disappear very quickly. However, I’ve bought one of their moisturisers before and I liked how it absorbed right into my skin, leaving it non-oily, and it smelt very flowery too. I do like it that they show the ingredients proudly on the back of their bottles and tubs. I also like how Lush has a great variety of products for different skin and hair types 🙂

    1. I love their shampoo and conditioner as my scalp is very easily irritated and Lush is one of the few brands I can use. I’ve not tried their moisturisers yet. I’m currently using one from the Body Shop and love it. It is coconut and smells delicious.

      Lush always has great names for their products. They always stick in my mind.

      1. Aaah, I love the Body Shop too, and their coconut products. But it’s a bit pricey, but whenever I get something from there, it feels like a treat.

        Thanks for the tip. I might give Lush shampoo a try. Melbourne’s winter has been making my scalp itchier than usual and I need something to soothe it. Hope you have a good weekend, Beth 🙂

      2. Body Shop isn’t very expensive here and I can get a lot of my favourite bits and bobs at Outlets which makes it even cheaper. If I visit next year then I’ll bring you a lil pressie.

        I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the American Cream. It smells glorious and is so soothing on the scalp. I Love Juicy is amazing too. I hope you like it as much as I do. Have a great weekend!

      3. Ooooh, then I hope you’ll visit, Beth. But no pressure on bringing anything for me 😉 Body Shop in Australia has things in small sizes. It’s hard for me to go in, haha.

        Thanks for the tip. I might check out it out this weekend. I love that Lush lets you sample their products in store, even if it’s on your hand. Try before you buy, love it 🙂

      4. I’ll try! I’m hoping to go to Thailand and Australia next summer. We will see how we get on with Baby No.2 and travelling.

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