Baby Haul: Preparing for the Second Child

In my Gender Reveal video I mentioned that I needed to buy a few extra bits and pieces in preparation for baby no.2. I have written a post to share these items with you. I have selected the gender neutral purchases for this post but I will film a YouTube video with the other buys. I hope you find it useful.

Angelcare Video Monitor and Sensor Pad

We needed a new baby monitor as after nearly three years, we have basically run our old one into the ground. It had been dropped and battered about in car journeys to London and Cornwall so it no longer holds its charge or just randomly beeps until we take the batteries out.

Angelcare Video Baby Monitor

I decided to upgrade from a sound only monitor to a video monitor as there was an offer on in John Lewis on the Angelcare. I chose the AC1100 model with a sensor pad. Initially, I was torn between this and the Motorola MBP36 as they both have excellent reviews, awards and almost identical functions. The reason I veered towards the Angelcare was for the sensor mat. Although it is not an essential feature and it meant I would spend £36 more, I thought it would be better to have the option of the sensor mat and not use it rather than wondering later if it would have been a better choice.

Changing Mat

Changing Mat

Like the baby monitor, our changing mat has also become damaged over time. We received a butterfly print cot top changer from Mothercare as a maternity gift from work colleagues when I was pregnant with Annabelle and I loved it. It was perfect for me as I had an emergency caesarean and not only was it a lifesaver for my stomach but it also prevented back ache. As we can still use the old changing mat with a liner or cover, I thought I would just buy an inexpensive spotty mat, also from Mothercare, downstairs and when baby gets to the age where they get adventurous and try to pull the foam out. Thankfully Annabelle has left it alone since it split at both the bottom corners (pictured).

Changing Bag

Storksak Caroline Changing Bag

My husband bought me the Caroline Changing Bag from Storksak as a pregnancy gift recently from Mummy & Little Me. I chose this bag firstly for the size and also because I fancied using something with a classic looking handbag style. What I love about Storksak is the stroller straps which I didn’t have with the older style Cath Kidston oil cloth changing bag which I used when Annabelle was a baby. My friend had a Babymel with stroller straps and I promised myself that if I ever purchased another changing bag it would have to have this.

Cath Kidston Changing Bag

We currently use a cute giraffe Skip Hop backpack to carry Annabelle’s travel potty and essential items but I’ll definitely need a larger bag once our second baby is here. I had forgotten how many things you need when out and about with a newborn baby.

Soft, cuddly toy

Jellycat Pig

Not an essential item in terms of need but something useful in terms of emotions. We asked Annabelle to choose a soft toy for her baby sibling. The reason behind this gift was just something sweet that she could give to the baby to help her to feel included and not left out with the arrival of another child.

The choice came down to a pale Jellycat giraffe and this pig. I think the reason she may have swayed towards the pig was because she had a miniature version of this toy which Andy bought for her from a farm in the Cotswold. Unfortunately, we lost him in Greece last year. I think I was more upset then Annabelle was!

Unfortunately, I don’t think Annabelle wants to share Mr Pig. She seems to think he belongs to her so we may have to see if she will either give him up or buy something else for baby.

Swaddle Blankets

Aden and Anais Swaddle

Final purchase for now, some adorable swaddle muslin blankets from Aden and Anais. So many of my friends have this blanket in this design and I know I’m following the crowd but when it is this gorgeous and useful, how could I resist? They are ideal for mopping up dribbles and spills, covering baby in the sunshine and as a sheet for tummy time. When Annabelle was a newborn we used to use a T-shirt that Andy had worn during the day to cover her Moses basket mattress when she slept. Our midwife recommended this as it meant that she would breathe in our scent and wouldn’t need to fall asleep on our chest to feel secure. I therefore plan to cuddle these sheets (sounds daft, I know!) before baby arrives and use these instead of T-shirts which were a bit of an awkward fit on the mattress.

Be sure to stay tuned for the Baby Haul video coming soon with all the items that aren’t gender neutral. For my pregnancy updates click here and let me know if you recommend any of the baby essentials I have bought in the comments below. Bx

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