My Monday Meals 10.03.14

Egg on Toast

Two fried eggs on Hovis Best of Both Toast. I didn’t finish all the bread, I managed about a slice and a half. I drank a decaf Nespresso with hot soya milk and a cup of Clipper’s Organic Earl Grey tea.

Sandwich and Crisps

For lunch I had half a Tesco’s Finest Deli Pastrami sandwich with salad leaves and Salt and Vinegar Kettle chips. I only had half a sandwich as I overfilled on Kettle chips and couldn’t manage it all. I also thought the pastrami was a bit too peppery and I’m not a big fan of crushed black peppercorns.

Tagliatelle with Mozzarella

Andy made tagliatelle with mozzarella, tomato and mascarpone sauce, broccoli and rocket. He made a massive bowl enough for two meals so I’ve got leftovers for lunch tomo.


I had a smarties cookie with vanilla and rose Earl Grey tea. I love the orange smarties the best. Yum!

What did you have to eat today? Let me know and click on the link for more of My Monday Meals.

3 thoughts on “My Monday Meals 10.03.14

  1. You eat a lot of bread! The eggs on toast looks delish. Do you like your eggs well-cooked or slightly runny? I like a slightly chewy-runny orangy eggy centre 🙂 I like Smarties/M&M cookies too!

    1. Sorry, I haven’t replied sooner. Have been feeling under the weather this week and trying to get some R&R. Can’t stop coughing either!
      I try not to eat too much bread but some days I am guilty of it. I like my yolk runny but the whites have to be 100 per cent solid so I’m a bit fussy 😉
      Smarties cookies are soo yummy!

      1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. It must be the change of seasons – winter to spring over at your end. Drink more water and rest up!

        Aaarghh. Smarties cookies. I like M&M cookies better. Can’t have either for a while as I’m on a 100-day chocolate fast. Second year that I’m doing this 😛

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