Chinese Char Siu Pork Dumplings


Chinese Dim Sum is very popular in our household. It is popularly known as small portions of food which has been steamed and is served at lunchtime. The closest comparisons, I would say are Spanish Tapas or Greek Meze. One of our favourite Dim Sum dishes is steamed bun dumplings with a roast pork filling. Andy and I bought a frozen pack of six buns from our local Thai grocery store.


After it had defrosted, we steamed it for 15 minutes in an electric steamer. I had never used one of these before I met Andy. It is quite simple to use as you place water into the base area and there are levels to fill to depending on how long you need to steam your food.


There are three steam trays and the food that requires the most cooking should be stacked at the bottom. As we were only steaming the buns, we used one tray.


Char Siu Bao (or Barbeque Pork Buns) have a sweet yet savoury taste from both the pastry and the filling. The dough is soft, similar to brioche, and tend to become slightly chewy as they cool. The pork is diced into small pieces and mixed with a rather dense sauce. It has a creamy, paste-like consistency. It can be rather filling. I can eat two and Andy manages three buns. We normally eat it in restaurants with Cheung Fun (rectangular strips of rice noodle rolled with a meat or prawn filling and served with sweet soy sauce), chicken feet (yep, their feet! My mum says the Chinese don’t like to let any edible part of an animal go to waste) steamed with chilli and steamed spare ribs.

Andy wanted you to know that it was ‘very nice’.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Char Siu Pork Dumplings

  1. I like char siu baos a lot, but I don’t eat it that often. My parents are very wary of ordering the steamed buns in Chinese restaurants when we go for yum cha. They’re afraid that they may be stale, and have a tendency to peel of the outer skin of the baos before eating them. I love cheung fun too! Love the prawn ones and can’t get enough of them. Too bad these are one of the more expensive yum cha dishes 🙂

    1. Oh, I’d never thought of Baos being stale but I guess we can only get yum cha in busy areas so the restaurants have a lot of customers.
      Prawn cheung fun is delicious… Mmm I could eat that now and it’s only 8am!

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