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My Monday Meals 03.02.14

I was in London this week and knew I wouldn’t get a chance to take photos of my meals today, so I have done a Friday special instead. This means Takeaway Night! Here’s what I had on Friday:



Shreddies with fresh strawberries and semi skimmed milk. I had a Caramelito Nespresso with hot soya milk followed by a Twinings Cranberry and Blood Orange herbal tea.



I fancied a few carbs at lunch and chose something my daughter could eat too. We had organic wholewheat fusilli pasta with tuna chunks, a bolognese sauce, peas and sweet corn (although you can’t see the peas in this photo). I tend to mix in regular fusilli as Annabelle can be fussy but because we ran out, we just had wholewheat pasta and she didn’t even bat an eyelid.



I had an Indian takeaway after Annabelle had gone to bed. It was a chicken tikka biryani with some added nuts and dried fruit, a peshwari naan and a lamb sula starter. The biryani comes with a chicken curry and I mixed in a bit of boiled rice to the fried rice, not that it really makes it any less naughty!



Activia Intensely Creamy yoghurt with a cup of Clipper’s Organic White Tea. I’m trying to cut down my caffeine intake and not really succeeding but at least I am drinking a variety of hot beverages throughout the week.

Has reading this week’s My Monday Meals given you a taste for more (sorry, that was terrible!?!), then click here for more.


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