Thai Salad with Pork and Apple

Garlic Chicken2

This is one of my mother’s and my latest experiments. It is stir-fried pork with a garlic sauce and a side salad of zesty Granny Smith apple.

Garlic Chicken

The first part of this dish is a sauce recipe my mum created over fifteen years ago. She wanted to make something new and different as a starter for our regular customers at the family’s restaurant. She made a sticky, barbecue, garlic sauce which she poured over crispy chicken wings (the consistency of the sauce is like ketchup). Yesterday, we chose to coat pork, instead of chicken wings, which had been fried in a pan with vegetable oil.

Thai Salad

To complement the sweetness and slightly thick texture of the garlic sauce, we had a side salad with a slightly tart Granny Smith apple, the crunch from raw, diced carrot and zesty flavours of lime juice. We added cherry tomato and salad leaves for bulk and a small chilli for spice.

Thai Salad with Granny Smith Apple

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