Current Favourites

I wanted to share a couple of things that I am enjoying at the moment because recently, I have found it difficult to find the right items to buy, for example, I’ve been looking for Spring clothing but I am only finding anything I like from Hush.


So for this reason, I thought it might be helpful to let you know what I am loving in the hope that it will save you some internet browsing time and that you might also share with me some of your current favourites.

My Favourites
Shirt: I love this floaty short sleeved shirt from Hush. Perfect to dress up with a black skirt and ankle boots or go casual with jeans and white trainers.

Television: Baptiste. I found this pretty dark, especially the beginning of the first episode so I had to be in the mood to watch this but I have loved Julien Baptiste’s character from the moment I watched The Missing (it’s one of the few programmes I’ve watched that kind of haunts me and I still think about every now and then).

Books: Still Me by JoJo Moyes. The sequels to Me Before You aren’t as good and it did take me a little while to get in to this one but it is my favourite book of 2019 so far. I have read 6 books this year – although one of them I don’t technically count as it was a short story!

Cleaning: This is going to sound really boring but I’m loving the Method cleaning spray in pomelo. I use it to clean the kitchen surfaces but initially, I bought it to clean my food waste caddy. It smells AMAZING! I also have the bathroom spray which is nice and minty scented 😉

Makeup: I’m a big fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked palette. I use this every time I put on my makeup. It’s probably one of my favourite items of makeup ever and perfect for travelling light.

What I Spend in a Week

Hello, it’s been a while… A very long time. I have just uploaded this video to my YouTube channel (see below). I thought I would do something a bit different to my normal vlogs and show you what I buy in a week. It will be a video diary showing all the purchases that I make. I won’t be discussing the monthly outgoings that don’t change eg. mortgage, water bills and after-school clubs etc. but I will show everything that I buy online or from a shop. The reason for filming this is to hopefully allow me to save up money by not spending unnecessarily for things that I don’t need like clothes and makeup. This will also mean that we should have less clutter in our house!
I have been really conscious of my spending since November so as well as not buying a single item of clothing, I have been trying to use things I already own – instead of buying new books, I have read three books this year that I bought a few years ago but hadn’t gotten around to reading.
If you like this type of video, please let me know in the comments below, like the vlog and subscribe to my channel for more. Bx