Meeting Santa – Blogmas Day 1

I thought I would set myself the Blogmas challenge this year and write a post every day until Christmas. Today’s entry is definitely a festive one as we went to Avon Valley Railway on Sunday for the Santa Special.


Heath LOVES trains (I really can’t emphasise this enough, ha ha), so when I saw the chance to not only take him on a train ride,  have a mince and to meet Santa too, I knew it was an opportunity that was too good to miss.


Our friends’ also have a little boy who is equally enthusiastic about  trains and so we spent the afternoon together, chatting to Santa watching the countryside go by and seeing the naughty signs that had been cheekily vandalised.

santa3The staff were brilliant throughout. One particular gentleman made sure we were happy with the presents from Father Christmas and asked if we wanted to change it. We found out that there was a bracelet making set which we knew was perfect for Annabelle so he happily exchanged it with the dog lotto game she had originally received.

santa2The children were thrilled to meet Santa and I luckily caught their expression when he walked in (see pic below). They were mesmerised and on their bestest behaviour. Annabelle promised to be good and was excited to see him again on Christmas Eve. In comparison, we met Santa in his grotto last year but to be honest, that wasn’t as good an experience because Annabelle was a bit scared and upset. Santa at Avon Valley was very cheery and the perfect level of ho ho ho 🙂 (or ha ha ha – sorry bad joke!).


The only thing I would have changed about the experience was the length of time we had on the platform to take pictures with Santa and at the front of the train. I would have loved to take a family photo and to take a picture with Heath like the one below.


If Heath is still as excited about trains next year, I will definitely like to take him to Avon Valley Railway for the Santa Special. See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 2. Bx

My Cotswold Outdoor Wish List

In the summer holidays this year, we will be going to Portugal (hurrah!) and I have been on the hunt for a really cool rucksack for Annabelle to carry on to the plane. As I was looking around, I found some great items for all the family on the Cotswold Outdoor website*. I thought I would share them with you today in this Spring Summer Wish List 2015.

For Annabelle

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.42.13_edited-1
LittleLife Play Pack

So it was this adorable penguin rucksack that caught my eye for my little princess. This bag is perfect for the flight and long journeys as the front of the bag functions as a table. It is hard to allow children to colour and draw and can be fitted on to the head rest of a car seat. Inside, there are lots of cute compartments for colouring pencils, sticker books and snacks. It also comes with a matching fluffy penguin pencil case. It is probably a bit more than I would normally spend on a rucksack for nursery but I see this as more of a travel bag for when we go abroad or down to Cornwall to see the in-laws (that journey is three hours long!). As the bag is gender neutral, Heath can also use it when he is older.

My Mum

I saw this North Face coat and thought it would be the perfect gift for my mum. She looks after me and the children every day and really deserves a gift like this (it is a practical purchase, which she always prefers over flowers and jewellery).

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 21.00.23The North Face Womens Evolution II Triclimate Coat in Black

I have the same jacket in purple. The reason I love it is because it is so versatile. It has a fleecy inner layer which can be worn on its own or attached to the outer layer. On the cooler and rainy days, I wear the outer, waterproof layer on the school run as it is lightweight and breathable. This is ideal when pushing the buggy around and working up a sweat! I bought my coat from Cotswold Outdoor a few years ago.


My husband, Andy, is doing a really adventurous race in Autumn. He will be climbing and abseiling as part of the event. If we could get footage of this with the GoPro camera, how perfect would that be?

GoPro Hero4 Silver

This is definitely an item I would love to purchase if money wasn’t an issue or if I won a couple of thousand pounds on the lottery. I’m really enjoying vlogging at the moment and this GoPro action camera would help take amazing footage under water, point of view action shots while we are on the go or from a distance when mounted on a selfie stick.

I’ve seen quite a few vloggers using a GoPro and I am so envious. I think it will be such a cool piece of technology to own as I am really in to gadgets.


Heath is a little bit young for many of the items at Cotswold Outdoor but I did see some navy Crocs that Annabelle can wear this summer. As they come in red or blue, Heath will be able to wear either colour when he is older. I feel a bit bad giving him hand-me-downs all the time (but it won’t last too long little man!).
Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.35.12

Navy Croc Sandals

I never thought that I would buy Crocs or croc-style shoes for my children. I used to hate them before Annabelle was born but they have been really useful on the beach, on those rare warm days we have or just when we have finished swimming lessons and need to get changed and home quickly. I do find that we need to try them on as she can go up or down a size according to the style.

Lastly… For Me!

I just love Hunter wellies. I bought a purple pair from Cotswold Outdoor quite a few years ago but as I often wear them with my The North Face coat, it can sometimes be a bit matchy-matchy. I would really like a green pair for country walks in Cornwall, rainy nursery runs or teamed with some snuggly welly socks when it snows next.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.38.53

Hunter Wellies in Green

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will pin these items on my Pinterest Page which you can check out by clicking on the link. Bx *This is a sponsored post. I only accept sponsored posts if they are relevant to my website and all opinions are my own. Please read my contact and disclaimer page for more details. All images from Cotswold Outdoor.