Heath’s 7 Month Update

OMG!! You are moving. At seven months you are well and truly on the go. You’ve learned how to ‘crawl’ in a straight line. I can’t quite believe it! It’s a bit more of a commando crawl but it gets you to where you want to be and you are pretty quick too!

7 Months

Last month you were beginning to sit up and then within a week your back was straight and you looked like a little boy sitting independently, all by yourself in the middle of a room. This month we see yet another accomplishment.

Your teeth have been giving you a really tough time. It’s been keeping us awake at nights and it’s meant that you are on the nappy mat for a change quite a lot. Throughout all of it, you’ve been a pretty good boy. You haven’t grumbled too much and you’ve played happily for most of the day.

You’re learning to show affection at the moment. You seem to want to kiss and cuddle the ladies in your every day life, Annabelle, my mum and me. This mainly involves slobbering on our face but hey, you’re only seven months old so I think you can be forgiven 😉

You’re still a determined little character. You know what you want and what you like and you are now learning the skills to get it. ‘Mmm’ definitely means you want to eat (as well as staring at anybody with food!), you raise your arms to be picked up and you turn your head to the side in your cot to signal that you are going to go to sleep.

At seven months:

  • You still hate your face being wiped
  • You sing a lot (well, we can only assume it is singing)
  • Your hair is incredibly soft to stroke
  • I love your big eyebrows!
  • You’re wearing a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes
  • You also wear size 4 nappies
  • I’ve forgotten how much you weigh but you are still on the 50th percentile

Big cuddles and kisses from your Mummy xxx

To see what Heath is like at seven months old, check out my YouTube video here!

Baby’s 1st Flight – A Holiday Vlog

Heath went on his first flight in July 2015 at 8 months old. It was the first time we went on an overseas holiday as a family of four flying from East Midlands Airport to Faro in Portugal. We then had a 35 minute coach journey to our all inclusive holiday village near Albufeira.


Travelling with young children is not easy, well it wasn’t for us anyway! When we went to Zakynthos, Greece, Annabelle was 20 months and it was an incredibly difficult journey. She was restless and hated being restricted to our seats. Books, games and the iPad would hold her interest for five minutes and then she would be bored again. Thankfully this time these things held her attention for much longer but to be honest she needs interaction and so the iPad didn’t have much appeal to her. I think she used it for a total of 10 minutes per journey.

Andy and I had never been on an all inclusive holiday before. Before we set off, a close friend told me that everything was included in the package, even alcohol. I couldn’t imagine how that would work and I expected everyone to abuse the system but surprisingly, it worked out quite well. It was nice to eat and drink what we wanted without having to worry about money or ordering something that the children wouldn’t eat. This actually made meal times a lot less stressful than when we dine out in the UK. There were days when Heath barely touched his food and times where he devoured a portion almost as large as Annabelle’s! Additionally, as Annabelle can be a fussy eater, we could feed her a mixture of salad, chips, pasta and rice depending on her mood. She absolutely loves cucumber and chips (not necessarily together) so she could have that with a portion of broccoli to up her intake of fruit and vegetables.

This holiday definitely helped to encourage Annabelle to try new foods. She had a burger (without the bun) for the first time and actually asked for it again the following day. I was so proud of her willingness to eat something new and the quantity she consumed.

Anyway, enough of the babble! Take a look at our holiday vlog here and see how Heath spent his time on the flight. I hope you like it as much as I do. Bx