Christmas Treats – Blogmas Day 14

I was pretty chuffed with Tesco this week as they gave me a delicious Christmas box of yummy treats. There was Thornton’s Toffee, Fudge and Caramel, Sponge Pudding, Options Hot Chocolate, some Fruity Flapjacks and Magical Reindeer food!


I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about the Magical Reindeer Food. It is described as a magical mixture of oats, carrot and edible glitter! It is designed to be left outside on Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeer so don’t eat it. Somehow, I think all the wild birds will get there before Rudolf does!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers revealing what they put in to their Christmas boxes or hampers and although it’s not something I had thought about until recently, I think that it could be a lot of fun for next year. This is what I would put it in mine:

  • A Christmas tree craft kit – Lots of colouring, cutting paper, glue and glitter
  • Something festive to wear – a novelty jumper, reindeer antlers or an elf’s hat
  • Treats for Santa and the reindeer food to leave out before bed
  • A customised plate – this isn’t something we have but I’ve always wanted to design with the children and have printed
  • Stationery to write Thank You notes to Santa, family and friends
  • The Snowman movie
  • A CD or music playlist of Christmas songs

Speaking of Christmas boxes, when I was at school, I learnt that the 26th December became known as Boxing Day because the rich used to put their left over food in to boxes and donate it to the poor. I was thinking about this recently because I noticed that a lot of supermarkets were leaving boxes out for people to fill with longlife goods for foodbanks. It may have evolved slightly but I think it’s nice that a generous tradition of giving back still continues today.

Anyway, is it traditional in your home to have a Christmas Eve box or hamper? What do you or would you put in yours? Let me know. Bx

Advent Calendars – Blogmas Day 6

Sorry I haven’t published my post until now. The internet at home has been playing up and I couldn’t upload the images for my Christmas Gift List. I will try to post that tomorrow instead. Today, it will be a text only post and I’ll add some images as soon as I can.

The children have an Advent calendar each this year (Heath was too young for one last Christmas) and although Andy and I were a bit disappointed with what was available (everywhere was sold out in our area!), Annabelle and Heath are over the moon with theirs. Andy managed to get two calendars from the local petrol station as all the supermarkets nearby had nothing suitable left. Annabelle got a Mars bar Advent calendar and Heath’s was Malteasers.

Every morning the children are desperate to open their calendars and Belle always remembers what door we opened last (I swear she has the memory of an elephant!). I have seen alternative Advent traditions e.g. a new book per day, reverse Advent, and admittedly I did think about doing something a bit different but to be honest, it’s not very often that Annabelle is excited to have chocolate. It has also been a tradition for her for the last three years and she was excited to go shopping for calendars with her Daddy.

A few years ago, I used to have to eat Annabelle’s chocolate for her because she didn’t like it. Even to this day she is incredibly fussy with treats. Heath on the other hand has my sweet tooth. He will eat all cakes, dessert or chocolate. He has asked once to have two chocolates in one day from the Advent calendar but when I said ‘no’, he has never asked again since.

I know I am obviously biased, but I am so proud of my children. I think they are so polite, gentle natured and happy souls. They aren’t always kind to each other as they will wind each other up, argue and fight, however they have started to learn how to play together really nicely. Annabelle will always defend her brother if someone tells him off and she is the first person Heath asks for in the morning when he wakes up, although he does call her ‘A-Bel’.

Anyway, I digress. I didn’t have an Advent calendar myself this Christmas. Last year, mine was from Yankee Candle with scented tea lights. I think there was one or two possibly two samplers. I bought it when it was discounted (around the 30th November) and to be honest, even at the lower price, I think it was quite expensive, which is why I haven’t bought one this year.

Have you bought Advent calendars for yourself or for family or do you have a different tradition in your household? Bx