Blogtober: Sibling Sunday

I had plans to take lovely pictures of Belle and Heath together for a post I had imagined to be called, Sibling Sunday. As with many things in life, what you envision sometimes just doesn’t transpire! But isn’t that just what parenthood is all about. It isn’t always sunshine and roses. It can be rough around the edges and appear dark at times. At it’s core though, there is a diamond 😉

Ha Ha Ha

How cute does Heath look when he’s crying? I know I shouldn’t laugh but he just looks so delicious!

As an only child, I do wonder sometimes if that makes me a good mummy to siblings. I don’t know what it is like to have a brother or sister. As a child I missed the company when my cousins and friends went home. I also felt a bit lonely when I went on holiday with my parents and there wasn’t anyone to go on the rides at theme parks with. On the other hand, I didn’t have anyone to fight over toys with either. Maybe I would be better at conflict resolution or forgiveness if I did have a sibling. Who knows.

I try to be fair and to put myself in their mindset when they don’t get along. I guess with anything, I will just have to take every situation as it comes and learn about parenthood one day at a time. Bx