Getting Organised: Kate Spade Planner

I have wanted a Kate Spade planner for over a year. When I couldn’t get hold of this gold and cream polka dot diary this time last year, I opted for an Erin Condren one despite the cost of shipping because I fell in love with the metallic fleur de lis. This year, I have the opposite dilemma. I have a Kate Spade diary but I am still lusting after a new Erin Condren. This is why…


The Kate Spade planner has a stunning cover. I adore the design and the sturdy, hardback cover and the concealed gold spiral binding. In terms of layout, it is a week to view which is perfect for me as I like to see, at a glance, everything that is coming up. It often helps me prepare, e.g. buy birthday cards on a Monday if there is a party at the weekend etc.

Each month has its own tab with a month to view at the beginning with notes on the side. There is a cute bucket list on all of the tab sheets and finally there are note pages at the end of each month to write a diary or highlights.

Despite all this, I am still not enamoured with the planner. I find the pages to be too thin and I really dislike seeing colour and text through the sheets. In terms of layout, Saturdays and Sundays can be just as busy for me as weekdays, if not busier but unfortunately, the weekend has half the space of a weekday. Finally, the elastic band on the back cover, in my opinion, makes the planner look cheap. It is black and thin and doesn’t really fit with the feel of the diary. I often find myself hiding it in pictures and when using it. It is practical, however, I think it could have been better designed.

I think, if I had started my planner love with the Kate Spade, I would have been happy with the flaws mentioned above as they are all fairly minor. Because I used the Erin Condren diary first, I am constantly comparing and find myself wishing I could justify buying a new one. I had thought I would use the Kate Spade for work, but it just wasn’t practical. I need an A4 day-to-view diary in the office as I like to keep everything in one place.

I won’t go in to huge detail in this post about the Erin Condren planner. I will just briefly summarise what I miss:

  • The motivational quotes and thankful though sections
  • All the colour – it definitely brightens up my days
  • The vertical week to view layout – Although the sections are narrow I like how it is so versatile (you can have labelled sections for yourself, children, husband, work, social media etc. and you can also draw, add stickers and photos).
  • The pages are so thick you can use different kinds of pens and colours without bleed through
  • The extras – an amazing choice of colours, designs, stickers, a clear zipped pouch, ruler bookmark etc.

In summary, the Kate Spade planner is beautiful, sturdy and definitely a great way to start organising your life. It is a reasonable price point, clear, formulaic and and simple to use. It looks great in Instagram photos and has a decent amount of space to plan your week. Avoid if you like a bit of colour, versatility and customisation. Have you tried either planners and what you like about it? I would say my heart lies with the Erin Condren. Bx

My Christmas Wish List – Blogmas Day 10

For Blogmas Day 10 I am sharing my Christmas present wish list. There are a few gift ideas for the lovely ladies in your life with prices ranging from £10 to £90. I will start with the least expensive and work my way up.


Lush Snow Fairy is my favourite shower gel to use during the festive season. It is only available in stores in the lead up to Christmas and I love everything about it. From the packaging to the sparkles in the gel, the way it lathers in the shower and the soft, silkiness of your skin after use. I have purchased this particular set for a friend, however, I wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me a box this year!

Moving up the scale in price and hitting the £15 mark, this gorgeous shade of Mac lipstick in Velvet Teddy seems like the perfect nude. I am wearing a black dress for my work Christmas party today teamed with a smoky eye. If I wasn’t planning on eating much (it is a three-course meal), I would go for a red lip but as it is a lot more than nibbles, I will tone it down with this gorgeous pinky-beige matte finish.

For a little over £20, I have chosen this cookbook stand from Oliver Bonas. This gift would be ideal for my mum as she loves cooking, not that she uses recipes very often as she creates a lot from experimenting! I however, am obsessed with my diary at the moment and thought I could use the stand during the day so I can see my week at a glance.

That leads me on perfectly to a new diary for 2017. I have been using an Erin Condren Life Planner and would love a new one for the new year. However, I made the mistake of purchasing a Kate Spade diary and although it looks beautiful, I am not a fan of the actual planner. Originally, I intended on using it for work but it just didn’t suit my needs and now I am stuck using it at home. Let me know if you would like me to do an in-depth review.

Finally, I have chosen a Polaroid Snap camera. I saw it on the Erin Condren website and fell in love with it and the idea of adding pics to my Life Planner from 2016. You can print out and stick it in to the vertical day pages and it is the perfect way to reflect on my year. I found it at Argos for £90.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Christmas Wish List post and that it has help to inspire you when choosing a gift for the special ladies in your life… well wife, mother, grandmother etc. not multiple partners! Bx