What I Ate Wednesday 05.08.15

Welcome to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. I remembered to film and take pictures today. I just need to invest in new plates. They are from my University days so they must be nearly 15 years old!


Nestle Clusters

Something new today! Well not new for me but the first time I’ve shown it on my blog. I love these Nestle Clusters. They are bran flakes with almond clusters. I had this with fresh strawberries and semi-skimmed milk. I also had my usual Nespresso coffee with hot Alpro soya milk.


La Tasca Tapas

We went out for lunch today. I don’t always eat out. Maybe about once a week unless we have a takeaway. We were in town so we had Spanish Tapas at La Tasca. I chose Albondigas (pork meatballs), Croquetas de Pollo (chicken breadcrumbed balls), Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes) and a house salad. Andy picked Croquettas de Espinaca (goat’s cheese and spinach balls), Calamares (squid rings), Tortilla Espanola (egg and potato omelette) and bread with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. These were all from the La Tasca Set Menu. If I’m honest I didn’t really like the Tortilla and expected it to be a wrap of some sort.


Duck Dinner

My mum kindly made us a Thai dinner. We had duck stir-fried with sweet basil, stir-fried white cabbage and boiled rice. It was better than one we could have ordered from a restaurant and it even came in a takeaway container!


Heath was being a moan-y monkey this morning so I desperately needed a chocolate fix to cheer me up. I quickly polished off a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. I also drank a flat white coffee from Lavazza. At home I was a bit naughty as I had another chocolate fix, it was a Wispa hot chocolate.

My Diet Progress

As I mentioned last week, I am on a mission to lose my mum tum. I’ve had no weight change this week but I did weigh myself a bit later today.

Last week I weighed: 56.6kg/124.8lbs
Today I weigh: 56.6kg/124.8lbs

I normally weigh myself in the morning before breakfast but I had already eaten breakfast and a snack when I remembered that I needed to get on the scales. At least I haven’t gained weight.

Let me know if you enjoyed today’s What I Ate Wednesday. I really like my YouTube video too. You can check it out below. For more like this click on the link: My Monday Meals. Bx