Christmas Treats – Blogmas Day 14

I was pretty chuffed with Tesco this week as they gave me a delicious Christmas box of yummy treats. There was Thornton’s Toffee, Fudge and Caramel, Sponge Pudding, Options Hot Chocolate, some Fruity Flapjacks and Magical Reindeer food!


I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about the Magical Reindeer Food. It is described as a magical mixture of oats, carrot and edible glitter! It is designed to be left outside on Christmas Eve for Santa’s reindeer so don’t eat it. Somehow, I think all the wild birds will get there before Rudolf does!

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers revealing what they put in to their Christmas boxes or hampers and although it’s not something I had thought about until recently, I think that it could be a lot of fun for next year. This is what I would put it in mine:

  • A Christmas tree craft kit – Lots of colouring, cutting paper, glue and glitter
  • Something festive to wear – a novelty jumper, reindeer antlers or an elf’s hat
  • Treats for Santa and the reindeer food to leave out before bed
  • A customised plate – this isn’t something we have but I’ve always wanted to design with the children and have printed
  • Stationery to write Thank You notes to Santa, family and friends
  • The Snowman movie
  • A CD or music playlist of Christmas songs

Speaking of Christmas boxes, when I was at school, I learnt that the 26th December became known as Boxing Day because the rich used to put their left over food in to boxes and donate it to the poor. I was thinking about this recently because I noticed that a lot of supermarkets were leaving boxes out for people to fill with longlife goods for foodbanks. It may have evolved slightly but I think it’s nice that a generous tradition of giving back still continues today.

Anyway, is it traditional in your home to have a Christmas Eve box or hamper? What do you or would you put in yours? Let me know. Bx

The Christmas Tag – Blogmas Day 5

I love Blogmas because it has meant that I have ‘met’ lots of new bloggers in the last four days. One of those lovely people blogs at The Little Things. Their ‘The Christmas Tag‘ posts seemed like a lot of fun to do for day 5, as a way for me to talk more about this festive time of year. So here are the questions and my answers.

xmas tree

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
I’m sure this is probably the same as so many others out there but it has to be Love Actually. It is the perfect mix of romance, comedy and to some extent heartbreak! I do get sad watching the film  as my Dad would cry when he watched the airport scene. It used to remind him of his visits to Thailand as my Grandma would always be there to pick him up from the airport and that was really the only time he travelled by plane.

2. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
I don’t know anyone who opens their presents on Christmas Eve. I don’t even get how that would work as Santa doesn’t deliver the presents until Christmas morning! 😉

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
This is a memory from one of the first times I spent Christmas with Andy in Cornwall with his family. He woke up at about 5am and as I was still asleep, he sent me a text message saying, ‘Merry Xmas’. At the time I was so annoyed at him because it was ridiculously early and it woke me up but now, I look back and remember how excited he was to spend Christmas with me.

4. Do you like to stay in your PJs on Christmas Day or dress up?
I like to wear a Christmas jumper so I will put that on after I have woken up and had a shower. I am also quite excited to wear my snowflake leggings this year. I guess it is probably closer to the PJs category for both the jumper and joggers.

5. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be?
I might have to cheat with this question as I have two children so I would buy Annabelle a present that Heath would also like. They play Lego together quite a lot so I would get a set with trains, a track, flowers and maybe a station.

6. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No, but I think that would be fun. The children would be on cloud nine, especially Annabelle because she is crafty, gingerbread is one of her absolute favourite treats and she would probably enjoy eating all the icing!

7. Favourite Festive Food?
It has to be mince pies with Bailey’s extra thick cream. I can never seem to find that particular cream in many shops or supermarkets so I often have to make my own version. The mince pie has to be warm too.

8. Favourite Christmas Gift?
Ooh, I don’t know. Probably my cat Isobel. My parents got her for me in 2004 as a joint Christmas and birthday present. She was supposed to be a buddy for Charlie, our stray Tom cat but they seemed to just fight for our attention all the time.

9. Candy cane or gingerbread man?
Gingerbread man. I don’t mind a little bit now and again but I’m not keen on too much.

10. Favourite Christmas Scent?
Pine trees and orange peel. Not together and nothing too chemically as that reminds me of a bathroom air refresher. Or a Christmassy candle… OK so that was three, sorry!

11. Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions?
If we are in Cornwall we like to go to the local pub for a drink with the in-laws and family friends. We will then head home, put the kids to bed and watch TV or a movie. If we are home, Andy likes to make it look like Santa has been by putting bicarbonate of soda on the floor to look like snow. He will also get Annabelle to put out some carrots for the reindeer and a mince pie and some whiskey for Santa.

12. What tops your Christmas Tree?
Normally a star that Annabelle made in preschool but she made us hang it a bit lower down this year so currently, nothing.

13. As a kid what was one crazy gift you always asked for but never received?
It wasn’t too crazy but it was expensive and my mum never knew what it was called. It was a doll that I saw on the TV. I can’t remember it’s name now but I wanted it for quite a few years and I never got it.

14. What’s the best part of Christmas for you?
I love the lead up to Christmas, drinking mulled wine, eating mince pies and spending the time off work, school etc with loved ones. It’s my favourite excuse to eat chocolates as there is always an abundance of Thorntons, Roses and Hotel Chocolat.

15. Any Christmas wishes?
Good health for me, family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas questions and my answers. If you would like to play too, feel free to tag me or comment and tell me what your favourite thing is about Christmas? Bx