Heath’s 7 Month Update

OMG!! You are moving. At seven months you are well and truly on the go. You’ve learned how to ‘crawl’ in a straight line. I can’t quite believe it! It’s a bit more of a commando crawl but it gets you to where you want to be and you are pretty quick too!

7 Months

Last month you were beginning to sit up and then within a week your back was straight and you looked like a little boy sitting independently, all by yourself in the middle of a room. This month we see yet another accomplishment.

Your teeth have been giving you a really tough time. It’s been keeping us awake at nights and it’s meant that you are on the nappy mat for a change quite a lot. Throughout all of it, you’ve been a pretty good boy. You haven’t grumbled too much and you’ve played happily for most of the day.

You’re learning to show affection at the moment. You seem to want to kiss and cuddle the ladies in your every day life, Annabelle, my mum and me. This mainly involves slobbering on our face but hey, you’re only seven months old so I think you can be forgiven 😉

You’re still a determined little character. You know what you want and what you like and you are now learning the skills to get it. ‘Mmm’ definitely means you want to eat (as well as staring at anybody with food!), you raise your arms to be picked up and you turn your head to the side in your cot to signal that you are going to go to sleep.

At seven months:

  • You still hate your face being wiped
  • You sing a lot (well, we can only assume it is singing)
  • Your hair is incredibly soft to stroke
  • I love your big eyebrows!
  • You’re wearing a mixture of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes
  • You also wear size 4 nappies
  • I’ve forgotten how much you weigh but you are still on the 50th percentile

Big cuddles and kisses from your Mummy xxx

To see what Heath is like at seven months old, check out my YouTube video here!

Heath’s 6 Month Update

Heath 6 Months
Hey Heath,
Six months! Our first age milestone with you, our handsome little man. It’s a funny thing as it feels like you’ve always been with us but then I hear six months and that seems like such a short period of time. It has flown by so fast. (I know I say this a lot, I know I’m sorry!)
I’m sure you’re going to be a real charmer as you have such an infectious laugh and an amazing smile. It really does melt my heart.
I love how your personality is beginning to show. You have determination, good physical strength and seem to be happiest when you are playing and eating! When you’re playing, you show interest in a lot of toys and the door bouncer. By far, you are happiest when you are interacting with others and you hate to be left alone, even for a minute! I think Annabelle is probably your favourite person to be around.
This month, your hair is starting to grow longer and thicker. Your eyes look like they are beginning to change colour ever so slightly. I think it was about now that Annabelle started getting rust colour flecks near her pupils.
You are also very vocal this month and making a lot more sounds. ‘Bah’, ‘Yai’, ‘Da’ and ‘Mmm’. This is helping us to understand what you want as ‘Mmm’ normally means you want to eat!

At six months:

  • You love being sung to
  • You are wearing 6-9 and some 9-12 month clothes
  • You are wearing size 4 nappies
  • You love eating biscuits, fruit and potatoes
  • Your sleeping is starting to get a bit better
  • You love to try to cuddle and kiss me and touch my face

We love you little dude.

Big kisses from your Mummy xxx

To see what else I had to say about Heath turning six months, watch my YouTube video here!