Wyevale Sanders Half Term Baking

During this Spring Half Term, Andy, Annabelle, Heath and I were invited to Wyevale Sanders to make some yummy treats at the Little Bug Bakery. We made some squashed fly biscuits, decorated creepy crawly cupcakes and enjoyed a picnic lunch afterwards. We attended one of the many events running throughout their Wildlife Week, which also included creating pollination stations and pine cone feeders.


Being an outdoorsy family, our children love to explore the environment around us but on some days, like this particularly wet one, if we can’t be with nature, we like to teach the children about the little creatures that share our surroundings.


Although, that being said, I think it was actually Andy who had the most fun creating little lady birds and red roses. He was at least on topic, as I on the other hand, went completely off the beaten track and made err… a dog cupcake! OK, my excuse is that I’m not a baker and have little skill as a cake decorator. I’m more of a cook.


So Andy and Belle got their hands dirty mixing up the flour and margarine and made these beautiful heart shaped squashed fly biscuits (see pictures below). Annabelle had a lot of fun combining the ingredients and the team leader was particularly helpful when her mixture didn’t combine! Heath and I had the opposite problem and our mixture was too sticky. Once again, the team leader swooped in and she and Andy managed to salvage my mess and make a few extra yummy biscuits.




The day was great fun for the whole family. As adults, we exercised our creative bones by helping our little ones and the children had particular enjoyment sampling their creations. Despite being a slightly fussy eater, Annabelle tried everything she made. She doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and rarely likes cakes, biscuits and chocolates. I have noticed however that she is more willing to eat something she has made and so I am particularly glad that we attended the Little Bug Bakery to introduce her to a wider variety of foods and treats.



It can be a bit of a struggle sometimes to find ways to entertain the children during Half Term. Often wet weather means a chaotic room full of kids at soft play and most groups with creative activities are closed for the break. This made me appreciative of the invitation to Wyevale Sanders as it is perfect for our family. The morning activities wore out the children and they both napped in the car on the way home.


If you fancy seeing what activities are happening during Wildlife Week or coming up soon at a Wyevale Garden Centre near you then click on the links. *This is not a sponsored post. We were invited to attend the sessions in exchange for an honest review (and it is clear from the pictures that we had a wonderful morning at the garden centre). Bx

Just too bloomin cute

Belle and Heath can be as different as night and day sometimes but one thing they have in common is that they both know how to wind me up! Once they have succeeded, they give me the cutest smile and all is forgiven 😉


Take Heath in the vlog below for example, he knows how to say Mamma but he insists on saying Dadda because he finds it hilarious. I am constantly amazed at how, at nearly 15 months, he has already learned how to influence the people around him. He tries to make me laugh, he shows empathy if someone is feeling sad and I especially love how, when he is throwing a tantrum, he can’t resist peeking to make sure you are watching him!

Belle is still full of energy at the moment and although I wouldn’t say she is being a naughty girl, she is definitely testing my patience. She has always been such a good girl and we never really had the terrible twos, threes etc. Whatever we had lasted about a week and it was either when she was particularly exhausted from a new nursery routine or if she was slightly under the weather.

Currently, she seems particularly clingy and whingey. She gets tearful at the thought of being left at nursery and complains if she has to eat lunch there if her best friend doesn’t. She argues every little thing even if she agrees with you, she will argue the opposite. But I know I am grumbling the little things as really, she is such a happy go lucky girl and I am eternally thankful to be her Mum. Every night I kiss and cuddle her before bed and she looks so sweet and content, I truly feel blessed.

I hope you enjoy this Day In The Life vlog. I loved capturing this moment in our lives on film. I know I will watch it time and again in the future. Let me know if you like it too. Bx