Throwback Thursday: Cute as a button


I was transferring photos from my old laptop on to an external hard drive today and started looking through some pictures and found these lovely two for a Throwback Thursday post. Our friend, Jeremy, took a few pictures of Andy, Annabelle and me at his house. He always seems to capture the moment in his photos. Thanks J.

Annabelle had just turned One!! in these photos as she wasn’t walking yet. She started walking at 13 months old. I can barely remember her being so teeny tiny. She was like a little button. It’s also really nice to have such nice pictures of the three of us, as I’m sure you find too that as parents we are so busy taking photos of our children that we rarely get a chance to be snapped with them.

I hope you enjoyed this Throwback Thursday and are having a good day. Bx

My Monday Meals: Bank Holiday Special Part 2

On Monday, I shared a selection of the meals that Andy, Annabelle and I had over the Bank Holiday weekend instead of my usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, just to be a bit different. Click here for the first post. This second part is from Sunday.

Sunday lunch

Thai Fishcakes

We went to the Victoria Pub and Kitchen, in Bath, on Sunday for lunch and Andy chose Thai fishcakes with a sweet chilli sauce. It was deliciousĀ but I’m not convinced that there was anything Thai about it, apart from the sweet chilli dip. It just tasted like a normal pub or restaurant fishcake to me.

Roast beef

I hadn’t had a roast dinner in a few weeks so I decided to have the beef which I thought I would share with Annabelle. It was served with roast potatoes, they were hidden under the beef, Yorkshire pudding, pickled red cabbage, broccoli, roasted parsnips, gravy and a carrot mash (I think there was sweet potato in there too).

Belgium waffles

For dessert, Andy had a Belgium waffle with ice cream and toffee sauce. This was yummy and I had quite a big bit of Andy’s as I was still hungry after my roast. I probably should have got Annabelle her own lunch but they didn’t have a children’s roast option and I didn’t want her to have anything with chips as she had some on Saturday.

Sticky toffee pudding

I went for a sticky toffee pudding. It came with ice-cream and I think it was honeycomb flavour. I don’t normally choose this for dessert but I think the baby might have wanted it šŸ˜‰ It was gone in seconds!

Victoria Pub and Kitchen

Did you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend? I hope the weather was nice where you are. Please click on the link for more of My Monday Meals.